Corneal Tattooing, a great rescuer

52-year-old woman ignores redness in her eyes as well as swelling to the point that she experiences diminished vision. She consults Dr. Vandana Jain at AEHI for her eye problem. Check out this story on how corneal tattooing restored confidence in her.

JuiNagar woman receives best surgery for severe droopy eyelid from AEHI

A middle-aged woman from JuiNagar had severe ptosis i.e. droopy eyelids. But, it was so severe that she couldn’t open her eyes at all. However, on her friend’s recommendation, she underwent Ptosis surgery from Dr. Akshay of Advanced Eye Hospital, Navi Mumbai. Post-surgery, she was delighted to have restored the symmetry in her eyelids.

Alibag youth treated for Marfan’s Syndrome at AEHI

Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects muscles, bones and more importantly eyes. If you have high nearsightedness or minus numbered eyeglasses, see floaters, or have blurry vision, it is important to undergo eye check-up and regularly follow-up with eye doctors. Marfans causes lens subluxation, myopia and increased risk of retinal complications.