Corneal Tattooing, a great rescuer

52-year-old woman ignores redness in her eyes as well as swelling to the point that she experiences diminished vision. She consults Dr. Vandana Jain at AEHI for her eye problem. Check out this story on how corneal tattooing restored confidence in her.


Rare cornea disease managed successfully at AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Eye problems in one eye including cloudy vision, halos around lights along with constant headache do not go away with pain relief tablets. Check out this story of woman who was diagnosed to have a serious eye disease – Chandler syndrome and was healed with best treatment from best eye hospital in Navi Mumbai.

Juinagar man receives best treatment for eye injury from iron particle

Eye trauma can happen due to flying metal particles; hence, welders are more prone to eye injuries. The impact of such trauma can pass through cornea to affect iris, lens and vitreous body. Check out a welder’s story wherein an iron particle lead to corneo-scleral tear and a traumatic cataract. He was provided with best globe repair and subsequent cataract surgery at AEHI.