Vitrectomy for Bleeding in the Retina Successfully Carried At AEHI

A 19 year old girl from Navi Mumbai was diagnosed to have Premacular Subhyaloid Haemorrhage and was treated successfully at AEHI.


A Geologist Journey from Australia to India for Retinal Detachment Successfully Treated at AEHI, Navi Mumbai

A geologist came to AEHI all the way from Australia after being frustated for no one could help him with his vision problems. He was treated for his retinal detachment and is happy with the results.

Advanced Eye Surgery and Treatment Saves Eye Sight of Elderly Gentleman with a Retinal Hole

“In the past I had two fine eyes, two windows to see the world endless,
Alas only one remains now, this I try and protect relentless.
I now have but a simple wish, to keep being able to gaze upon the future, with this eye that was saved,
A million thanks to AEHI’s Dr. Yogesh Patil and staff, without whom, this most cherished wish would have surely caved.
This arduous life I am living, the reprieve I am currently receiving has inspired me to donate both these eyes of mine,
To ensure I continue to gaze upon the future, by becoming the light for some other, who I pray, will be able to see all fine.