Vashi kid vision restored after availing best low vision treatment from AEHI

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Paresh Vyas* was very concerned as he and his wife Roopa found that their son’s performance at school was getting poorer. They observed that their 6-year-old kid was not able to copy properly anything written on the blackboard in his school located at Vashi. He would sit very close to TV while watching his daily cartoon. Moreover, his gaze was unstable and would shift rapidly.

Worried Paresh shared this problem with his friend who recommended him Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute (AEHI), in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. Paresh immediately booked an appointment at AEHI.

At AEHI, detailed eye check-up was conducted for Kunal Vyas. At first instance with optometrist, it was detected that he had to turn his  face towards right side while looking at any object.  Refraction test showed he had -5.50 power in both his eyes. Aided visual acuity was only 6/36. However, he had no previous significant ocular history. Moreover, his birth history was also normal.

Further, glare test showed that he wasn’t comfortable with bright light and found relief with dark glasses. Kunal was suspected to have ocular albinism and Nystagmus. He was referred to Dr. Prachi Agashe for further evaluation. She advised photochromatic glasses to protect his eyes from sunlight and to reduce the light sensitivity.

Additionally, Dr. Agashe advised him to undergo Low Vision trial. She also discussed the potential benefit of nystagmus surgery for Kunal. Surgery for nystagmus primarily focuses on moving muscles to alter the tension of the muscles that move the eyes. One of the most common procedures moves the null point of a person with nystagmus so that the straightforward position of the eyes is the null point.

Ocular Albinism is a rare genetic eye disease that affects the fovea (part of the retina) and makes objects look blurry. Also, these patients are very light sensitive and this is mainly due to lack of pigment – melanin in the eyes. Poor vision is due to underdevelopment of the fovea (it is an important part of retina to see). Lack of pigment affects the function of retina as well.  Patients suffering from such eye disease have iris color that varies from blue to green or brown.

brown eye

Brown eye

Nystagmus is an eye condition wherein eyes make involuntary and repetitive movements – side to side, up and down or in circular motion. Such movements hamper vision by diminishing it and affecting the balance and coordination.



Kunal underwent low vision trail.

Monocular telescope of 4x power was used on the newly prescribed correction for the refractive error. Kunal was able to smoothly scan the letters on the chart after localizing and fixating the chart. The distance visual acuity improved to 6/9.

Further, Kunal was advised with other eye care instructions like:

  • Wearing a peak cap and/or umbrella in bright sunlight and applying sunscreen lotion
  • Wearing full-length sleeves of cotton material while stepping outside in sunlight

Further, his parents were referred to good genetic counsellors. Also, a letter was issued to Kunal’s school teacher to re-arrange his sitting position in the classroom and that he will be using telescope to read from blackboard.

About Dr. Prachi Agashe

Dr. Prachi Agashe, (Pediatric Ophthalmology, DNB (Ophth), MBBS) is a Squint Surgeon and a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at the Advanced Eye Hospital. She has several years of experience and expertise in dealing with eye problems like Strabismus, Amblyopia (aka lazy eye), Congenital Abnormalities, Childhood Cataract, etc. Consult Dr. Prachi Agashe by booking an appointment.

About Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute:

advancedeyehospital_frontAdvanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai is one of the best eye hospitals in Mumbai.  Comprehensive eye check-up areas and the operation theatres are state-of-art and equipped with the best diagnostic and surgery machines. Personalised care, infection free modular operation theatres and beautiful ambience compliment the cutting-edge eye care offered at AEHI. Besides treating patients from Kharghar, Nerul, Vashi and Panvel, patients from all over western India travel to AEHI for world class eye care management.


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