Belapur adult avails Amblyopia treatment from AEHI

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A young adult from Belapur named Hemant Desai had poor vision in his right eye since childhood but he never took it seriously. One day while he was playing he accidentally got hit on the better left eye. This suddenly made him realize that he only has one good eye and he must do something about it.

So, out of fear of losing his already decreased vision at mere 29 years of age, he decided to have a second opinion from Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute (AEHI) based on the excellent reviews on Just dial after searching for best eye doctor on it.

On the appointment day, after initial registration, Hemant underwent detailed eye check-up. Visual acuity test showed that his right eye’s vision had reduced to finger counting at 3 metres while his left eye’s vision was at 6/9. His eye pressure was normal at 18mm Hg and 20mm Hg in right and left eye respectively. His retina examination showed that posterior part of his eyes i.e. fundus was normal.

He was then referred to Dr. Prachi Agashe, a Paediatric Ophthalmologist and a Squint Surgeon at AEHI. His ocular history revealed that he stopped using his eyeglasses many years ago while he was still a kid. Moreover, he had also ignored his eye doctor’s recommendation of patching which was more than a decade old advice.

Dr. Prachi asked him to undergo squint (also known as eye misalignment or strabismus) evaluation as well.. Further, Binocular Single Vision (BSV) test was also conducted that showed that there was suppression in his right eye.

bsv test

Binocular Single Vision test


Dr. Prachi then diagnosed him with Anisometropic (Hyperopia) Amblyopia.

BSV is the condition of simultaneous vision that is attained by the coordinated use of both eyes, so that separate and slightly dissimilar images arising in each eye are appreciated as a single image by the process of fusion.

binocular vision

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Dr. Agashe recommended him to follow up for PMT and perform Dichoptic exercises (stereoblocks) for both eyes. Further, patching was advised for his left eye. He was prescribed the glasses and was recommended to wear the same.

Treatment or therapies for Amblyopic patients have regularly shown compliance issues. The gold standard treatment for amblyopia is patching of one eye (the good eye) due to its effectiveness.

Dichoptic exercises have proved to be effective treatment for treating anisometropic amblyopia by using a virtual reality head mounted display.

After a fortnight, when Hemant visited Dr. Prachi, he was very happy as he felt that his vision has restored. Visual acuity of right eye improved to 6/24 and left eye to 6/6.

Further, Dr. Agashe advised him to continue patching his left (good) eye along with dichoptic exercise.

In children, recovery in amblyopic patients i.e. lazy eye turning to normal vision is possible to a much larger extent compared to when someone is beyond the age of 15 years or so. For this reason, the early treatment of this condition is crucial.

However, the visual pathway plasticity may still exist even after passing the critical period in adults.. Therefore it is essential that even in adulthood a trial of amblyopia treatment is given. Human body can sometimes do wonder and surprise us with excellent results.


Dr. Prachi Agashe, Pediatric Ophthalmologist

About Dr. Prachi Agashe

Dr. Prachi Agashe, (Pediatric Ophthalmology, DNB (Ophth), MBBS) is a Squint Surgeon and a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at the Advanced Eye Hospital. She has several years of experience and expertise in dealing with eye problems like Strabismus, Amblyopia (aka lazy eye), Congenital Abnormalities, Childhood Cataract, etc. Consult Dr. Prachi Agashe by booking an appointment.









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