Mansarovar man receives best Pterygium surgery

People who spend a majority of time doing outdoor activities in sunny (dry places) environment along with prolonged exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) are more prone to develop an eye condition – Pterygium. Check out this story of a man from Mansarovar who availed treatment for Pterygium from the best eye hospital.

Teary Eyes Treatment At Navi Mumbai’s Best Eye Hospital Leaves Chembur Woman With Happy Tears

Watery eyes have many causes like bacterial infection, sinus, trauma on the tear duct or tumor on the nasal duct, etc. Hence, it is always better to treat yourself through an eye specialist, know the actual cause behind your condition, and then avail best eye treatment for the same.

Panvel local gets right treatment for Keratoconus

When you experience eye pain, double vision, glares and decreased night vision, life becomes quite uncomfortable. Check out this story of Panvel man who got diagnosed with keratoconus at the best eye hospital in Navi Mumbai. Treatment to cure his eye allergy and advanced scleral lenses took care of his eye problems related to keratoconus.