Senior Citizen Of Airoli Gets Huge Relief From Best Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye problems like gritty eyes, burning sensation, conjunctivitis increases hot season is not an uncommon thing. And so, a home remedy for dry eyes, apart from basic hygiene, helps but not in the long run. Check out this story of a senior citizen who experienced big relief after visiting the best eye specialist in Navi Mumbai.

Can Eye Injury Cause Glaucoma

An eye injury, small or severe, can lead to eye diseases like glaucoma. And, for those patients with specific challenges such as scleral thinning, the best treatment for glaucoma with new drainage devices like Ologen implant shows positive results. Read one such story of a young man from Nerul who loves playing cricket.

How Diabetes caused Advanced Glaucoma

We often understand diabetes and its relation to our particular food intake. However, people aren’t aware much about diabetes and vision loss and/or how diabetes can cause serious eye diseases and its impact in our lives. Read this interesting story of a poet from Airoli who got new life after his vision restored post glaucoma treatment.

Is Glaucoma Hereditary?

There are many people who practice healthy habits, but still face dangerous eye diseases like glaucoma and wonder-how did I get glaucoma. Also, there are several people who fall for this myth that general doctor can give best treatment for glaucoma or any other eye disorder for that matter. Check what happened to one Navi Mumbai resident who felt the same.