Is there a specific time gap to be kept between two cataract operation?

Cataract operations have seen a phenomenal change over the years with patients walking out of the operation in less than an hour. When one is diagnosed with a cataract in one eye only they don’t seem to worry much. But those who have cataracts in both the eyes and need to undergo surgery for both eyes always seem to worry about the timing between the surgeries.

All the eye specialists in the world would agree that they have been posed with this question at some point of time in their yeas of practice- Can I have both cataracts done together on the same day?

The answer ” It is not preferred”

Patients always tend to wonder why it isn’t possible especially with the latest techniques used in cataract operation which has shown better and faster prognosis and therefore this question often pops up in their minds.

What is the right time gap between the two eyes cataract surgery?

Dr. Vandana Jain, Cataract Expert at one of the best eye hospitals in Navi Mumbai- Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) discusses in regards to this. She says ” As mentioned earlier there isn’t any specific answer to this question. The decision solely lies on the operating eye surgeon who would first want one of the eyes to become stable and see the recovery of the eyes. Patients are asked to follow the aftercare instructions carefully for a smoother recovery. Usually, a gap of 4 days to a week is preferred to ensure that one eye is stable and not having any troubles before moving on to the next cataract eye; but this again is dependent on various factors. ”

There are several factors that need to be considered prior to deciding on the timing for the other eye cataract surgery:

  1. How severe is the cataract?: The eye that has a more advanced cataract would be operated on first and the next eye would be operated subsequently.
  2. Pre-existing Medical conditions: Like any other operation, cataract surgery too needs a medical fitness evaluation. Though the cataract operation is carried under local anesthesia; patients with existing co-morbidities like diabetes, blood pressure etc can have complications.
  3. Type of cataract lens implanted: Depending on the type of lens that is implanted in the eye after removing the cataract; the time between would vary. This is best decided by the eye specialist.

To summarize, cataract surgery for both the eyes should never be done at the same time. One takes time to adapt with the new lens that is implanted in the eye. Giving time to your eyes between both the cataract operations is the safe play. It helps reduce any unforeseen complications and gives better results.

About Dr. Vandana Jain:

Dr Vandana JainDr. Vandana Jain is an internationally trained Cataract, cornea and LASIK surgeon. She practices the latest cataract surgery and uses all the latest techniques, lasers and lenses for the cataract surgery. Dr. Jain’s goals is to make sure that the patient gets the best of the cataract surgery, cataract lenses and the cataract surgery results according to the parameters of their eyes. She is very meticulous about planning and measuring everything with the latest equipments like IOL master, Corneal Topography and OCT machines. Dr Jain aims to make the cataract surgery experience and outcomes the best for the patient.


About Center for Cataract surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai

cataract surgery OT

Cataract Surgery Operation theatre


Cataract Surgery center at the advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai is one of the most advanced cataract surgery centers in India. Hospital is ISO certified and equipped with latest and the best cataract surgery diagnostic and surgery machines. The patient treatment processes, the consulting rooms, the waiting areas, the cataract diagnostic suit and the operation theaters are very well designed keeping patients safety as a paramount factor. The staff and the doctors are highly trained and provide personalized care to one and all.





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