Congenital Glaucoma Successfully Tackled at AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Mrs. Preeti Sinha noticed something odd about her 5 month old son’s right eye for it looked white. She thought she had accidentally sprinkled powder in his eye while changing his diaper and let go off it.

During one of the visits to pediatrician for her son’s regular followup her son was diagnosed to have primary congenital glaucoma in both eyes. It is a very rare condition that affects about one in every 10,000 infants and if not treated well in time can lead to blindness. Mrs. Sinha mentioned that they did have a family history of glaucoma, but never thought it could affect a baby as small as hers.

Glaucoma is a condition wherein the optic nerve can get damaged due to the high intro-ocular pressure ( eye pressure in the eye same as Blood pressure). Mrs. Sinha was very upset on learning about her baby’s glaucoma for she knew how others in the family with glaucoma struggled to have a good vision.

She was advised to consult at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI), Sanapada for they housed the best eye surgeons. The pediatrician mentioned that they have a pediatric eye specialist and a glaucoma expert as well.glaucoma-can-affect-people-of-all-ages-according-to-medical-experts

Mr. and Mrs. Sinha felt guilty for their son’s glaucoma as they felt it was because of them that their son would suffer. With a confused mind they reached AEHI. They had consultation appointment with Dr. Prachi Agashe; Pediatric Eye Specialist and Dr. Rajesh Mishra; Glaucoma expert. The one thing they liked about AEHI was the convenience of expert opinion under one roof. They were seen by both Dr. Prachi Agashe and Dr. Rajesh Mishra who collectively counselled them that it wasn’t their fault that the child had glaucoma. They said “In fact it takes a lot of courage to accept the diagnosis of glaucoma and seek treatment for it”.

They then started examining her baby’s eyes and told her that an immediate surgery is the best solution despite the young age. They assured that glaucoma operation would offer the best chance of preventing blindness and allow her son to develop and maintain good vision in both eyes. Though it wouldn’t be a cure, but it would control the glaucoma. And most importantly the baby wouldn’t remember the trauma of the initial diagnosis and the surgery that followed nor lead to blindness. They mentioned a filtering surgery for glaucoma that uses small surgical tools to create a drainage canal in the eye to decrease the pressure of the eye.


After the eye operation for glaucoma he would still need eye drops to maintain the eye pressure and have regular follow-ups. Mr. and Mrs. Sinha were overwhelmed with the information. They both wanted the best for their child. A normal life is all they wished for their baby son.

They agreed for the glaucoma operation and Dr. Prachi Agashe and Dr. Rajesh Mishra operated on their son’s eye. The gluacoma operation was a success. Mr. and Mrs. Sinha’s happiness knew no boundaries. They couldn’t thank Dr. Agashe and Dr. Mishra enough. They were very happy with the courteous eye staffs and the cleanliness of the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Sinha’s son today is 5 years old and is doing well. This is what they have to say ; ” Had it not been for AEHI eye hospital; our son wouldn’t be living a normal life like others. It is the best eye hospital in Navi Mumbai and a blessing for all Navi Mumbaikars”

About Dr. Prachi Agashe:

zgo_dsc_0948Dr. Prachi Agashe is a Pediatric Ophthalmologist at the Advanced Eye Hospital. She has a lot of experience and expertise in dealing with children’s eye problem. She has done a felloqship in Pediatric Ophthalmology from Arvind Eye Hospital and L.V.Prasad Eye Institute which are the best eye institutes in India.



About Dr. Rajesh Mishra:

xxy_Dr.RajeshMishra_picDr. Rajesh Mishra is a Glaucoma and Cataract surgeon at Advanced Eye Hospital near Vashi, Navi Mumbai. He has years of experience and has served at various hospitals around the country. Being glaucoma specialist, his work is mainly focused on Glaucoma and Anterior segment. He has successfully treated a variety of glaucoma patients, children and adults, as well as operated more than ten thousand cataracts.



About Glaucoma Services at Advanced Eye Hospital And Institute:

Glaucoma service at AEHI offers sophisticated, state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities including computerized visual field testing, optic nerve imaging, and other specialized imaging modalities. We have facilities for advanced laser and surgical procedures to control Glaucoma such as trabeculectomy, tube implants, non-penetrating glaucoma surgeries, surgery for congenital glaucoma and different lasers such as the YAG laser and Green laser.




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