Clearer Vision for a Londoner after Successful Femto Lasik at AEHI eye Hospital, India

A lot of people want to have a hassle free life. Spectacles over a period of time become a burden and difficult to maintain with the fast paced life. Similar was the case of Mrs. Alexena Duffey who traveled from London (U.K) to India for getting rid of spectacles.

Alexena Duffer suffered from Myopia or Near Nearsightedness which is a condition of eye in which one can see near objects very clearly, but far away objects appear blurry.

She underwent Femto LASIK at  Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute(AEHI), Mumbai, India. She was delighted with her results and wrote to us as she wanted to share her experience to help others like her seeking freedom from glasses without having to compromise on any aspect.


How Alexena Duffey’s world changed in her own words-

I spent 14 years of my life with glasses. Its the most frustrating thing one can go through. The added stress about carrying your glass case all the time, wiping your fogged glasses every time in winters and carrying a spare one always. I got tired of it and wanted freedom from glasses which is why I started looking for options.

I visited many eye specialists in London who suggested LASIK as the choice of treatment for my myopia. The wait time in U.K for LASIK was daunting and was very expensive. The earliest appointment I could get was going to be after 8-9 months.

Here begins my journey from United Kingdom to India :

We searched for the best  eye hospitals where I  can get my  laser surgery done, and we came across Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in  Mumbai, India. We contacted the Foreign patients services and sent an email across to clear our queries. I was amazed at the prompt reply. They were pretty thorough and clear with their communication. This was exactly what I was looking for- an eye hospital that offered me the same medical standards that one could find in U.K but at an affordable price and quicker time management. I went to my husband and expressed my desire to get rid of my glasses. He was supportive and then I told him I decided to get it done in India. At first he thought I was kidding and laughed it off; but he soon realized I was serious. It seemed like destiny to me as we had decided to visit Mumbai some day but were to caught up with life. This seemed like the perfect gift and holiday.

What made me to choose AEHI eye hospital in India?       

As I kept looking up about Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) located at Mumbai, India; I came across various blogs on the sites that discussed different aspects of LASIK. I had a lot of questions on my mind but all of those seemed to be taken care of by Dr. Vandana Jain, LASIK and Cornea specialist. Though she is a surgeon; her blogs were patient friendly and easier to understand. I had read a lot about how patient were satisfied with the kind of treatment that they received at AEHI eye hospital and that helped it become one of the best eye hospitals in India. To have an eye hospital that has sub-specialities dealing with only eye problems and skilled surgeons is admirable. They have a welcoming staff, is very clean and organised. Some of the reviews of the patients actually helped me understand what I was getting into. I love the way AEHI eye hospital was prompt in communication about my eye LASIK operation, cost of operation, my travel and stay, visa issues etc.

My experience At AEHI Eye Hospital: 

As we reached AEHI, I had an eye check done in the optometry department by various machines that looked at different parameters of my vision. I was to consult with Dr. Vandana Jain, LASIK expert who examined my eyes and asked me to go through LASIK workup. It was a series of test to check if LASIK was suitable for me. Dr. Vandana Jain explained how different factors of the eye can qualify or disqualify one for LASIK.

fig-6-5-784964   corneal-topography-custom-solutions-eye-care

The staff was very sweet, respectful and always a delight to talk to. The hospital was very clean. Everything was at point. After all the tests, I met Dr. Vandana Jain again. The results were in and I was growing anxious. She said I am fit for LASIK and we could go ahead with the surgery. I was scheduled for LASIK eye operation.

On the day of operation, anesthetic drops were added in my eyes and i was asked to focus at a red light. Dr. Vandana Jain was done with right eye in just 5 minutes and asked me to follow the same command for the left eye. This also took another 10 minutes. The whole LASIK operation lasted for maximum half an hour. I was delighted to know that. After the LASIK eye operation, i was moved to the recovery room where I met my family. Eye drops were added to my eyes to avoid infection and I was prescribed the same too.


On the next day I was called for my follow up. My eyes were in pretty good condition. The operation was painless and successful. I could now see with my eyes clearly without glasses on it.

I am very happy with the services provided by AEHI eye hospital. I’m very thankful to Dr. Vandana Jain  for her friendly yet professional approach.


Dr Vandana JainAbout Dr Vandana Jain-

Dr Vandana Jain is a renowned Cornea, Lasik and Cataract surgeon and the Director of AEHI. Dr Jain has won best fellow awards and medals at Delhi University and L.V.Prasad Eye Institute and then further trained at Harvard, USA. She has vast experience in Lasik surgery. She additionally believes that team work and alliance with other specialists help in planning and giving the best surgery results to the patients.

About Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute:Advanced Eye Hospital Navi Mumbai

Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai is equipped with one of the best eye hospitals in Mumbai.  Comprehensive eye check-up and the operation theaters are state-of-art and equipped with the best diagnostic and surgery machines. Personalized care, infection free modular operation theaters and beautiful ambiance complement the cutting edge eye care offered at AEHI. Besides treating patients from all over India. We have patients from all over abroad travelling to Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute for world class eye care management.


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