A pair of glasses for a clearer world

I was blind in my left eye since I was a child. When I was about 4 years of age, my friends and I went to pluck mangoes. We grabbed stones and started to give our best aim to get to these mangoes. Unfortunately one of the stones hit my eye and before I knew it; I had gone blind.

I was shaken by the incident but I had my set of responsibilities. I had to carry forward my fathers legacy of tailoring the best dresses in town and therefore I started following his footsteps. For years I have been working with just one eye and never gave up.

But one day while I was trying to cut the fabric to the clients measurements, I noticed difficulty in my vision. This really worried me because I didn’t have any other eye except my right eye to see the world clearly. Over a period of time, it got difficult for me. At first I ignored the blurring since I assumed it would probably be due to lack of sleep.


2 weeks later I ended up stitching my finger to the fabric and I knew something was very wrong. In my career of 15 years, this has never happened to me. My work kept getting affected. My clients were getting upset. Tailoring clothes was my bread and butter and without it, I couldn’t sustain my family. I kept getting tensed and worried and would stay up nights after nights trying to finish all orders in time to make up for my disabilities. One of my co-workers suggested I take an  eye doctors opinion. I felt it was worth a shot. I asked him to suggest few doctors and eye hospitals but he always advised me: ” It is your eye we are talking about and no one can do justice to you except Advanced Eye hospital and Institute (AEHI) which is located at Palm Beach Road, Vashi”.

My wife and kids who had seen me struggle finally broke their silence and told me that my friend was indeed suggesting the best for me. I called Advanced Eye hospital and Institute and was greeted very warmly by the lady on the other end. She took down my details and gave me a date to visit. My wife volunteered to accompany me since I found it difficult to do things and would need to strain my vision. A lot of my friends and relatives mentioned that the symptoms of blurring vision is one of the signs of cataract. This scared me because it meant additional expenses and I couldn’t mentally accept the fact that my only eye would need surgery.My wife held me during these times and gave me courage to not worry so much. She said lets meet the doctor and see what they have to say.

I came to AEHI and my consult was with Dr. Vandana Jain, Cornea and Cataract Specialist. Dr. Vandana Jain was very sweet and made us feel very comfortable. After hearing out my eye problems, she asked to sit in front of a machine. I was asked to look into it while she was examining my eyes. After that she asked me to meet one of the eye staff assistants for further tests who took me to the room to read a chart of alphabets and numbers. A pair of funny looking glasses were put on me in which the eye staff kept changing various glasses. At a point i could read everything clearly and I was amazed. I was praying to God to give me that vision that I had just experienced. I was again taken back to Dr. Vandana Jain consulting room after these tests.

My nervousness knew no bounds and even before Dr. Vandana Jain could tell me what was wrong with my eyes; I blurted out my questions- Is it a cataract? Do i need surgery? how long would it take to heal? Will I ever be able to see again?. She patiently waited for me to finish my doubts and told me that I don’t suffer from cataract. On hearing this; I was very happy. I then asked her if it wasn’t cataract what was affecting my eyes and was there any solution to it.

She said I suffered from presbyopia and all I needed was a pair of glasses to have a clear vision. She explained that as we age; the elasticity of our lens too decrease which causes the blurred vision and this wasn’t a major thing that needed surgery. All I had to do was use my glasses on a regular base and if I felt blurring crawled in again, i had to check my eye power and have a new set of glasses to be made.


All of this relieved me and I am glad I acted on the advice of my friend and family. AEHI is indeed the best eye hospital in Navi Mumbai and Dr. Vandana Jain is the best eye doctor in Mumbai one can ask for. I would highly recommend this place not only because they have best eye doctors; but they take care of neatness, patients time and emotions and deliver their best on every front.

About Dr. Vandana Jain:



Dr. Vandana Jain is a Cornea, Cataract and LASIK surgeon. She believes in customizing the surgery based on the needs of the patients. The aim of  LASIK is to give the best possible results and improvise quality of life.



About Cataract surgery Centre at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute at Sanpada in Navi Mumbai

cataract surgery OT                 Dr Vandana Jain                 Cataract Surgery Operation theatre                                   Dr.Vandana Jain

OPD WAiting Area 2 OPD Waiting Area 1

Cataract surgery centre is an advanced modern cataract surgery centre preferred by Mumbai and Navi Mumbai residents. We regularly treat patients from Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Khargar and Panvel. Our relationship with patients is focused on fulfilling the needs and priorities of their eye condition. State-of-the-art diagnosis and surgical procedures ensure excellent results. Experienced advice is given to achieve best possible results and resolve all the queries. The type of surgery and the post operative instructions are customized to the needs of the individuals.

Watch Cataract Surgery operation Video with best technique- Phacoemulsification- Dr Vandana Jain, Navi Mumbai India

Watch Video of AEHI 


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