Shrunk to a dot

It was a lovely bright summer day, where me and my friend were running about like shopaholics. I had bought a new wardrobe for myself and now was the time for the cosmetic counter. As o reached to one of the counters for the test product, i noticed a red bump in my upper eyelid. The size of the lump was so small that it was almost not visible from the outside. Though there was no pain or disturbance as such, the bump did concern me. I thought it may disappear in a few days but a week passed by  and it’s still there and still red. So I decided to see an eye doctor. After a bit of looking around and advice from friends, I decide to get a consult at Advanced Eye hospital and Institute (AEHI), Vashi.


I had my consult with Dr. Akshay Nair, Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon. He asked me what my concern was and that is when  I slid the upper lid of my left eye and showed him the lump. It only took him 5 seconds to diagnose it as a a chalazion ( a block in one of the oil glands of the eye due to inflammation) and said it should be removed through a small operation. And my reaction to it was “What?!Are you serious!” I never had any kind of operation whatsoever and the thought of having my eye operated was a complete horror to me.

Dr. Akshay Nair was very kind and understanding. He noticed me get really tensed on hearing about the surgery and this is why he examined the lump closer and once again said that the chalazion doesn’t have an eye to it. i.e. no pinpointing area which could have made it easier for it to drain out through medicines or ointment. He told me the best solution is surgery and a regular and non-invasive medication wouldn’t work. Dr. Akshay Nair must have noticed my face turning pale once again and asked if I wanted to give it a try anyway.

I said yes so he gave me a prescription for a week. I had to take an antibiotic once a day and apply an ointment right to the lump three times a day religiously. Dr. Akshay Nair did warn me though that if the chalazion didn’t go away after a week, I had to come back and have it removed. As I left AEHI eye hospital, I kept praying so hard that the lump would disappear so I didn’t have to go through any eye operation.

I did what Dr. Akshay Nair advised obediently. I never forgot to take the antibiotic, apply the ointment, and hoping the lump would get smaller and eventually gone in a matter of days. A week passed by and to my disappointment the lump was still there. With a heavy heart after work, I went to visit Dr. Akshay Nair. He examined my eyes and said in such cases when there is no way to access the chalazion, surgery is the only option. He had explained earlier how it was a 5 minute procedure but I wasn’t prepared for it at that point of time. Today I was. He said I can have it removed now as well. I said OK and we went ahead.

15 Minutes later I was lying down on an operation bed and had a nurse cleaning my left eye. My friend had accompanied me this time since we left work together. Dr. Akshay Nair than began the eye surgery. Since it was my eye lid he was operating, even though it was blurry, I could see a small knife and other tools approaching my eye. I couldn’t feel a thing as to when Dr. Akshay Nair started the procedure and when I was done. It took only 5 minutes like he had mentioned and I was done. My left eye was covered with a bandage and the nurse said I could take it off the next morning. I also had to keep on applying the ointment until the scar healed.
So I walked out of the operating room and headed to where my friend was waiting for me looking like a pirate having my left eye covered with a bandage. I was glad  I had her for moral support. Having my vision reduced by 50% because of the bandage made it difficult for me to do things but it was just for until tomorrow morning and hence I was ok with it.

I reached home and just wanted to crash on my bed. I wanted the night to pass away. I got he next morning and took off my bandage and voila the chalazion had disappeared. I was so happy to see such amazing results. I had to use the ointment for a few days to make sure there was no infection. The chalazion surgery was worth it. I thank Dr. Akshay Nair for being patient and doing a fantastic job. Then nursing staff and the eye staff at AEHI is very warm and AEHI is the best eye hospital in Navi Mumbai

Akshay G Nair.jpg
Dr Akshay Nair (MBBS, DNB, FLVPEI) is an Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon and Ocular Oncologist at Advanced Eye Hospital, near Vashi in Navi Mumbai. Dr Nair has a strong academic background and expertise in performing basic and advanced lid, orbit and aesthetic oculoplastic surgeries. He also has many publications and presentations to his credit and has received many awards at national and international forums.  

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