An Eye Gear Could Have Saved Me

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Eyes are integral part for every human being and is one of the most important senses is what we learn in school during science class. But somehow we take things for granted and I learnt my lesson the hard way. One day while I was working on site in the refinery, and hadn’t worn my safety gear.

All i had to do was just check some levels of the liquid component and be back to my desk. I finished my work but as I was heading back downstairs, some of the it splashed in my eye. I howled in pain as it was a stinging feeling in my eye and was rushed to an in-house doctor who gave it a thorough irrigation. I was advised to see an eye specialist that very minute and was taken to Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) at Vashi, Navi Mumbai since it is the best eye Hospital in Mumbai.

By the time I reached AEHI, my eyes were watering, they had turned red, the pain was excruciating and I had a blurry vision. At AEHI; Dr. Vandana Jain , Cornea Expert examined my eyes. My colleague gave her the history as to what had happened since I was in no state to talk due to the pain. She constantly washed my eyes to make sure all the acid was out of my eye. Dr. Vandana Jain used a blotting paper that would touch the surface of my eye and check my eye and accordingly again clean them with water. She kept doing this for a while and said she is trying to get the eyes to reach their normal pH before proceeding ahead with further treatment and this blotting paper helps in determining the pH of the eye.

After 20 minutes of thorough wash with water, she examined my eyes again. This time with the instruments that she had and said there is some damage to the eye but the chemical hasn’t gone in too deep and I was lucky to be saved from a disaster.

The pain and the burning sensation did reduce a little but didn’t go away completely. I was worried if I could ever see normal again and Dr. Vandana Jain said I can. I was prescribed few drops that I had to take to make sure the healing process went smooth and was great.

An eye bandage was put in place to avoid it from getting infected more. I took it off only when I had to apply my eye ointment or eye drops. I had to constantly add the drops that would create artificial tears in my eyes since my eyes were damaged by the chemical. Dr. Vandana Jain told me how necessary this step was since it would keep my eyes moist and not lead to any complications like formation of ulcer. Besides that I was also given pain killer tablets to help combat the pain, an antibiotic eye ointment to help me recover fast. All this would heal my cornea and give me my vision back.

To tell the truth, the minute the acid touched my eye I felt I had lost my eye and felt guilty to not have used the eye gear. I couldn’t imagine my life with out my eyes but Dr. Vandana Jain saved my eyes. She was very gentle and worked with such precision on my eyes which re-instilled the lost hope of seeing in me.

I took my eyes for granted and I would never do this mistake again. I later went on to read how unfortunate some people were who went blind and nothing could be done to help them since the extent of damage was beyond repair. I would recommend all to always use safety gear since it is meant for our protection.

The treatment and care I received at AEHI eye clinic was outstanding. From my personal experience as a patient at AEHI, I can tell that it is indeed one of the best eye hospitals in Navi Mumbai. I would fall short of words for the amazing job that Dr. Vandana Jain did in saving my eyes. She truly is one of the best eye surgeons in Mumbai.

About Dr. Vandana Jain:

Dr Vandana Jain.JPG

Dr. Vandana Jain is a Cornea, Cataract and Lasik surgeon. She has a large experience of dealing with patients who develop cataract, sustain injuries to the cornea and have any other cornea related problems. She believes that eyes need a detailed evaluation to rule out other secondary diseases. Only after full evaluation should any eye procedure be planned.

About Cataract surgery centre at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai

OT Complex IMG_1489 OPD WAiting Area 2 OPD Waiting Area 1

Cataract surgery centre at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in sanpada is a modern well equipped centre for managing patients with different types of cataracts. The centre has treated thousands of cataract patients from vashi, sanpada, koperkhairne, belapur, khargar, panvel, Mumbai, chembur, Sion, middle eastern countries like Dubai and Oman and African subcontinent etc. The diagnostic suit and the advanced operation theaters have allowed customized treatment and great outcomes with happy satisfied patients.

Watch Cataract Surgery operation Video with best technique- Phacoemulsification- Dr Vandana Jain, Navi Mumbai India

Watch Video of AEHI 




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