Cataract free eyes gifted by AEHI made my day

Eyes are gateway to a beautiful world and I always cherished my vision health. I have been wearing glasses since childhood and I would rather put it across as “I celebrated a golden jubilee era for wearing glasses”.

I disliked visits to an eye doctor since I knew my increasing power will also be a concern I could do nothing about. Then came a time when my power stayed constant and I was so happy to never visit an eye doctor. Little did I know my happiness was short lived.

During an annual health check-up, my doctor informed me about my blood pressure which is always on a slightly higher end for which I take medication. But a new addition was my immature cataract. My heart dropped when I found out about my cataract. I didn’t want to undergo a surgery since I was already exhausted with the high power vision I suffered from. This always was an added worry to any of the eye condition.


I was told by my family doctor that if I didn’t treat my cataract it could lead to blindness and will be an issue. My husband did some search into the best hospital for cataract and best eye hospital and decided that the best place to get a consult would be Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) that is located at Palm Beach Road Vashi. He accompanied me for moral support and kept telling that this is one of the best eye clinic in Navi Mumbai.

As I anxiously waited for my appointment, one of the eye staff members might have observed my anxiety and with a warm smile asked me if I would prefer some water. I obviously said yes and I don’t know why but I forgot my anxiety for a bit. I headed to Dr. Vandana Jain, Cataract and Cornea specialist; consulting room and the minute i stepped in I could tell I was in good hands.

The first words that Dr. Vandana Jain said to me was “I understand your worried but be assured that I would do what’s in your best interest”. These words resounded in my head and eased me. She asked me to sit in front of a machine and it would be a completely painless process of a regular eye checkup. Dr. Vandana Jain checked my eye and said that unfortunately not just one but both the eyes have cataract. But for now it was my right eye that needed cataract surgery and the left eye cataract would be taken care of later since the cataract hadn’t reached the approximate size for surgery.

Dr. Vandana Jain explained each and every aspect of cataract ranging from why it occurs to time of recovery and the results I should expect from surgery. I asked her what would be the outcome of not getting a cataract surgery done. She said if i let it advance more it would lead to blindness and also if i chose to get a cataract surgery done later; it would mean more complications and not a fast recovery. I was worried how high power and cataract would be managed. Dr. Vandana Jain mentioned how getting rid of cataract is necessary as it helps for better vision and wouldn’t increase my power further. All this while i thought my power of the eye was increasing when in fact it was my cataract that hampered my vision. She described how cataract made me strain my eye muscles for trying to get good focus on things and can cause constant headaches as well. After the cataract operation the diseased lens would be taken out and a new one would be placed; which meant me having a power lesser than before.

Now came the day of cataract surgery. I did have issues with my eye but I never had been in a position where it would require operation. I was asked to lie down and anesthetic drops were added to my eye. Once these were added, I could feel nothing. Though I got anxious a bit, Dr. Vandana Jain kept talking during the process to keep me aware about the procedure. This did help me out as now I knew what was going on with my eye.

The cataract surgery lasted for about half an hour as I was told and waited in the recovery room for an hour. I went back home with my husband and in 2 days I could feel the difference in my eye sight. I could see much more clearly than before. I didn’t have any headaches after the surgery nor was it painful

I had to wait for my left cataract to grow to a reasonable size to operate it for cataract. During my regular follow-ups, Dr. Vandana Jain mentioned how nicely my prognosis was.

Now I am looking forward to my left eye cataract surgery as I want a better vision like my right eye has. Dr. Vandana Jain is indeed the best eye surgeon for cataract. I would always recommend AEHI eye hospital for it sure is one of the best hospitals for eye in Navi Mumbai. The doctors, the staff, the hygiene level and the facilities all are just amazing at AEHI eye clinic and one cant ask for more than this.

About Dr. Vandana Jain


Dr. Vandana Jain is a Cornea, Cataract and Lasik surgeon. She believes in customizing the cataract surgery based on the needs of the patients. One size does not fit all is her mantra when it comes to planning and advising for cataract surgery. The aim of cataract treatment is to give the best possible results and to reduce the post operative recovery period and aftercare.

About Cataract surgery Centre at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute at Sanpada in Navi Mumbai

cataract surgery OT                 Dr Vandana Jain                 Cataract Surgery Operation theatre                                   Dr.Vandana Jain

OPD WAiting Area 2 OPD Waiting Area 1

Cataract surgery centre is an advanced modern cataract surgery centre preferred by Mumbai and Navi Mumbai residents. We regularly treat patients from Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Khargar and Panvel. Our relationship with patients is focused on fulfilling the needs and priorities of their eye condition. State-of-the-art diagnosis and surgical procedures ensure excellent results. Experienced advice is given to achieve best possible results and resolve all the queries. The type of surgery and the post operative instructions are customized to the needs of the individuals.

Watch Cataract Surgery operation Video with best technique- Phacoemulsification- Dr Vandana Jain, Navi Mumbai India

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