Bye-Bye to Blurry T.V captions after successful both eye cataract surgery at AEHI Eye hospital Navi Mumbai

I hail and reside in Bhopal and often visit my son for vacation in Navi Mumbai. I am a retired banker who enjoys my life mostly with my morning walks, my daily newspaper read and my never dying interest in sports. I have been wearing my reading glasses for a few years now but never had any issues without them to carry out my daily activities.

My eye problem began when I couldn’t enjoy reading the captions or the scores during the IPL match. I tried using my glasses for the same and I thought I have found my new trick to never visit the eye doctor. But the diminishing vision forced me to consult a doctor. The doctor mentioned I have a growing cataract and that it would need cataract operation.

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I called my son who lives in Navi Mumbai to let him know about my cataract and informed him with a heavy heart that I couldn’t make it for vacation the coming summer break. On hearing about plans for cataract surgery, my son strongly suggested that I visit the Advanced Eye hospital and institute (AEHI) on Palm Beach Road, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. This seemed like a wise decision since I get to be with my grand kids and also have my cataract operation done all together.

I came to Navi Mumbai and went to AEHI. My son set an appointment with Dr. Vandana Jain, who he mentioned is one of the best Cataract and Cornea specialist in Navi – Mumbai. On walking into AEHI, I was greeted by the eye hospital staff with a pleasing smile and respect. They directed me to Dr. Vandana Jain’s consulting room. She checked my eyes and after a few questions regarding the time duration of my eye problem, for how long I have been wearing glasses etc she broke out the news to me that I suffer from cataract in both the eyes with the right eye needing immediate attention and the left eye cataract to be operated later. I hinted that I am here for a one month vacation and would want to get rid of both cataracts as this is one of the best cataract hospital in Navi Mumbai. She scheduled the left eye cataract surgery 10 days from the right eye cataract surgery. It was the perfect cataract treatment for me as this gave me more precious time to spend with grand kids and not have to keep travelling between Bhopal and Navi Mumbai. I didn’t feel the need to second guess myself like most people would do before going ahead with both eye cataract surgery.

My cataract surgery was scheduled for 19th May and 29th May. I underwent the cataract surgery which was painless and recovered brilliantly as well. Even though the left eye cataract wasn’t as evolved as the right eye cataract I could feel the difference and was excited to get the quality of my vision restored. Come 29th May and I got my left eye operated for cataract. The cataract operation went smooth and left me with no regrets.

I can now see the T.V captions and even read the finer details of the paper well. I have Dr. Vandana Jain, Cornea and Cataract Specialist to thank for since she had done a wonderful job in clearing my vision. AEHI eye hospital is the best eye hospital for cataract has various eye specialist that cater to varied eye problems. Not only are they humble but they have wonderful pair of skilled eye surgeons. AEHI is a paradise for cataract eye surgery in Navi Mumbai and wish all the very best to them for doing wonderful job.


Best Cornea, LASIK and Cataract surgeon in India

About Dr. Vandana Jain- Dr. Vandana Jain is a Cornea, Cataract and LASIK surgeon trained from best of the institutes in the country and USA. She has over a decade of experience and has performed more than 12000 cataract surgeries. She gets regular referrals from her colleagues from all over Kharghar, Vashi, Nerul and Panvel for managing difficult situations after cataract procedures. Her aim is to manage all these patients in a very scientific systematic manner.



About Cataract surgery Centre at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute atBest Cataract Surgery Center in Western India Sanpada in Navi Mumbai– Cataract surgery center is an advanced modern cataract surgery center preferred by Mumbai and Navi Mumbai residents. We regularly treat patients from Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Kharghar, Airoli and Panvel. Our relationship with patients is focused on fulfilling the needs and priorities of their body and eye condition. State-of-the-art diagnosis and surgical procedures ensure excellent results. Experienced advice is given to achieve best possible results and resolve all the queries.

Advanced Eye Hospital And Institute (AEHI) can be reached at (O): +91 22 67313636, (Emergency): +91 9167360360 or even through Email:

You can make an appointment online through this link: BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

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