Cataract couldn’t come in way for this housewife-Successful Cataract Surgery In Navi Mumbai at AEHI hospital


I have had this problem of blurring of vision since a while now but I passed each day without any hassle. I could do all the household work but recently I realized the blurring worsened. It became so bad that once while I was cutting my vegetables for supper, I ended up cutting through my finger. Though it wasn’t a major cut and it tends to happen to every housewife, something just wasn’t right. Earlier I could watch T.V and still cut my vegetables without focusing on the veggies like I would do today. All this while I kept putting off my blurring to old age effects but after this incident, I later realized that it was my blurred vision due to which the knife slipped and caused the cut.

This is when I decided to consult an eye surgeon. I went to few eye hospitals in Navi Mumbai and I was diagnosed with cataract in one eye.I wanted to get my cataract surgery done but no one seemed to understand the urgency of my situation and told they would fill me in when it was suitable for them. Tired with all the running about in vain, I gave up on my household work which would help me get rid of my boredom.

A few days later during my regular evening walks, a friend of mine suggested about Advanced Eye hospital and Institute (AEHI) eye hospital. She mentioned how her some of our close friends have had good treatment since it is a very specialized hospital and has advanced technology. I went to AEHI hospital at Palm Beach Road Vashi which is when I was told that I have cataract not in just one eye but both the eyes.

I was surprised because I wasn’t told about it in my other visits at any hospital. Both my yes had cataract which were in stages that needed eye operation. I had my first consultation with Dr. Vandana Jain, a Cataract and Cornea surgeon and from that very second I felt assured and taken care of. My friend had also praised her and said she is one of the best eye surgeons in Navi Mumbai. And I could see why she felt that because Dr. Vandana Jain took time to explain how the cataract develops, how the operation would be, the wait time for doing the cataract operation in the other eye and addressed my other queries. Dr. Vandana Jain made my cataract eye surgery less of a hassle for me. Once I told her I wanted to get the cataract surgery done, she looked at her calendar and set up a surgery date then and there asking me what was a convenient time for me in a timeline of 10 days that she gave me.  She was the only eye doctor who understood my grievances of life with cataract and made me feel special by allotting her time to me at the earliest. I didn’t have to wait unlike other hospitals for a few days just to hear to come back after a month. I was more than happy to have the cataract operation done and couldn’t wait to get back to my life that would not be filled with boredom anymore.

I came to the hospital with my son and was taken to the operation theater. The eye hospital staff members were very attentive to all my needs and offered me comfort. I had drops added to my eyes and Dr. Vandana Jain carried out the cataract operation so well. It is such a meticulous operation but I never felt stressed about anything because I knew I was in safe hands of Dr. Vandana Jain. The surgery lasted for about 20 minutes and I was out of the hospital in the next hour after completing all the formalities. The overall process was very smooth. I was happy after the eye treatment because I could see everything much clearer than before. I came in for my follow-up and could tell the drastic difference while I was reading the eye charts.

I was looking forward to my other cataract eye surgery by Dr. Vandana jain. I got done with my right eye cataract surgery as well. I am glad I finally found an eye surgeon who understands what it is like to have a blurred vision and the importance of a speedy recovery. Dr. Vandana Jain’s expertise in cataract surgeries certainly makes her one of the best eye doctors in Navi Mumbai. AEHI eye hospital radiates kindness and wishes its best for all its patients and would always be pleased to come here for any eye problems in future.

Best Cornea, LASIK and Cataract surgeon in IndiaAbout Dr. Vandana Jain– Dr. Jain is a cornea, cataract and Lasik surgeon. She believes in customizing the cataract surgery based on the needs of the patients. One size does not fit all is her mantra when it comes to planning and advising for cataract surgery. The aim of cataract treatment is to give the best possible results and to reduce the post-operative recovery period and aftercare. Given her corneal expertise she effectively manages patients who develop corneal swelling after cataract surgery.

About Cataract surgery Centre at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute atBest Cataract Surgery Center in Western India Sanpada in Navi Mumbai– Cataract surgery center is an advanced modern cataract surgery center preferred by Mumbai and Navi Mumbai residents. We regularly treat patients from Vashi, Nerul, Belapur, Kharghar, Airoli and Panvel. Our relationship with patients is focused on fulfilling the needs and priorities of their body and eye condition. State-of-the-art diagnosis and surgical procedures ensure excellent results. Experienced advice is given to achieve best possible results and resolve all the queries.

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