Lattice Degeneration Not a Barrier, Youth Attains Freedom from Glasses after 12 Arduous Years

Mr. Sukesh Iyengar, a 23 year old from Mansarovar, Navi Mumbai had been suffering silently from Myopia (Nearsightedness), the most common refractive error of the human eye in recent years, for close to 12 years. His dependence on glasses for all his day to day activities had seriously hampered his sports inclination and pursuit of various adventurous activities he dreamed of, not to mention the feeling of alienation and ridicule by friends every now and then. One fine morning, he happened to view one of our many newspaper advertisements regarding “Freedom from Glasses” and LASIK. His curiosity piqued, Mr. Sukesh decided to inquire about Laser Vision Correction Surgery to get rid of his eye power and glasses once and for all and so ended up visiting us at the Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Sanpada – Navi Mumbai on the 5th of October 2015.

At AEHI, in order to check his suitability for undergoing the laser vision correction surgery (LASIK), the mandatory pre LASIK work-up, wherein a multitude of tests is carried out using world class, advanced eye care technologies and equipment’s, to check the thickness and condition of the cornea and retina, as well as the eye muscle balance was carried out in the most detailed and precise manner. Though he was found suitable for undergoing a LASIK surgery, Lattice Degeneration was detected in his left eye. Lattice Degeneration, basically, is a disease of the human eye wherein the peripheral retina of the one in concern ends up becoming atrophic in a lattice (mesh) pattern which may develop tears, breaks or holes which, if left untreated could further develop into retinal detachment, and is by far one of the most important causes for retinal detachment in young myopic individuals worldwide.  Mr. Sukesh was referred to Cataract, Cornea and Lasik Surgeon Dr. Vandana Jain, who carried out further diagnosis and treatment.

After the complete diagnosis and a round of counselling, Mr. Sukesh decided to go in for FEMTO LASIK, which is much safer and faster compared to conventional LASIK surgery. In a Femto LASIK also called as the Femtosecond LASIK or Z LASIK, very fast laser pulses are used to create a blade less, more precise and smooth flap on the cornea after which Excimer Laser is used to shape the treatment area and thereafter the flap is closed and sealed. The entire process is over and done within a few minutes. The Femto LASIK is a lot faster and comfortable as when compared to conventional LASIK and is still a favored choice for many who want to cut down on the recovery time, although the latest Relex SMILE LASIK is by far the most advanced, safest and fastest LASIK Surgery around currently.

Mr. Sukesh was scheduled for his FEMTO LASIK surgery at the Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Sanpada – Navi Mumbai on the 14th October 2015. This operation was carried out successfully by Dr. Vandana Jain and no complications have been found during the post-surgery checkups. An overjoyed Mr. Sukesh is still celebrating his freedom from glasses and finally being able to see clearly after 12 long and arduous years. He profusely thanked Dr. Vandana and the entire staff of AEHI and has sent along his glowing feedback and well wishes.

Successful Femto Lasik Surgery by best laser vision correction center navi mumbai

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