Advanced Eye Surgery and Treatment Saves Eye Sight of Elderly Gentleman with a Retinal Hole

www.advancedeyehospital.comMr. Trimbak Baban Hande is a 60 yr. old resident of Dombivali, used to work as a Shed Manager at Bombay Port Trust and he unfortunately had to take Voluntary Retirement Service (VRS) due to persistent eye problems that plagued him since his childhood. When he approached Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, he was already at his last vestiges. He had already lost sight in one eye and was slowly loosing sight in the only remaining one. His emotional, inspiring and heart-warming story is told below.

It all started when Mr. Trimbak Baban Hande, who at the time was studying in standard 5, realized that he was not being able to see the blackboard as clearly as before. Confused but not knowing what is going on or whom to approach or even what to tell, he silently suffered along until a compassionate teacher realized something was amiss and informed his father to get his eyes checked as she suspected vision degradation. His father having no idea about it himself, chose to ignore the suggestion and did not take his son for an eye check-up. Later on, Mr. Trimbak finally got an eye test done and had to buy spectacles to correct his vision, but by then he already had a very high number.

Sometime around 1994-1995, he was diagnosed to have cataract and had to undergo cataract surgery operation for both his eyes. The operations were carried out at a well-known eye hospital in Mumbai. After cataract surgery, when all was supposed to be fine, the vision in his right eye started diminishing. Scared he rushed back to the same eye hospital, for diagnosis. Unfortunately it did not prove to be effective and he ended up losing vision in his right eye. This also led to his left eye getting strained above normal due to being the only eye capable of sight. At work, he had been promoted to the position of a Shed Manager, but the daily computer work and rotational shifts finally started affecting his already strained left eye. Due to all this, in spite of loving his job he had no choice but to take a Voluntary Retirement Service (VRS).

Following his VRS, he had gone for eye treatment to various well known eye hospitals throughout Mumbai, in hopes of recovering his sight. Even after all that no positive results were seen and finally, in September 2014 his only eye capable of sight also started developing vision problems. His then presiding Doctor informed him that there was a problem with his retina but was skeptical about conducting any operation.

At this point, a distant cousin, Mr. Sajjan Hande, who had visited him, suggested diagnosis and treatment at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) in Navi Mumbai, because he himself had underwent eye treatment here and was pleased with the expertise of the doctors, the latest eye surgery technologies used, the ambiance and friendly atmosphere all around the hospital. Though initially reluctant, curiosity awakened and a tiny bit of hope rose, so he decided to pay a visit along with his cousin, thinking after all what could get worse.

At Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Sanpada, one of the best eye hospitals in Western India, once his primary eye tests were concluded, he was directed to Retina Specialist, Dr. Yogesh Patil, who immediately started advanced diagnosis and treatment. Dr Patil found that there was a hole in Mr. Trimbak ‘s retina which if left untreated would keep causing diminishing vision until finally all sight was completely lost. Dr. Yogesh Patil suggested a laser eye treatment to be done as soon as possible to combat this situation – it might not be possible to reverse the damage already caused but it could definitely stabilize the situation and prevent further deterioration and complete vision loss. Mr. Trimbak was happy that finally someone had not only accurately diagnosed his condition but had also offered a solution and above all was willing to do the retina operation to save his eye sight. Past experiences had made him a bit skeptical, but he decided to believe in the eye doctor one more time and decided to go for the eye treatment operation. After the first treatment itself improvement was noticed, Retina Damage Treatment was also started simultaneously and best results were being achieved. As of today he is able to see much clearly than not so long back.

A positively joyous and thankful Mr. Trimbak gave credit and best wishes to Dr. Yogesh Patil and staff at Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute who had assisted in his retina operation and also those involved with his ongoing eye treatment. According to him, the eye doctors, the nurses and the entire staff at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute are always very courteous and welcoming and create such a homely feeling that even so far away from his own home he still feels at home. He believes in every advice and suggestion given to him by Dr. Yogesh and follows it diligently, word to word. He is overjoyed at his rebound from almost complete vision loss and his recovering vision.  We are extremely happy to have been able to return his happiness and zest for life.

So happy was he with his recovery and the best treatment he received that he even went ahead and wrote a tiny poem for AEHI and Dr. Yogesh Patil:-

In the past I had two fine eyes, two windows to see the world endless,

Alas only one remains now, this I try and protect relentless.

I now have but a simple wish, to keep being able to gaze upon the future, with this eye that was saved,

A million thanks to AEHI’s Dr. Yogesh Patil and staff, without whom, this most cherished wish would have surely caved.

This arduous life I am living, the reprieve I am currently receiving has inspired me to donate both these eyes of mine,

To ensure I continue to gaze upon the future, by becoming the light for some other, who I pray, will be able to see all fine.

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