The Story of an Adventurous girl who underwent Lasik Surgery

Prishu Yadav was a very talented girl. She was very sporty girl and was also the most vigorous. She was of the kind that she would love to take a hard way and learn lot of things instead of sweet simple ways. But instead of knowing her as an adventurous girl, her friends always used to consider her weak. The reason was very simple, she used to wear spectacles.

Spectacles although very common, but are still considered as a sign of weakness. Instead of just considering people wearing spectacles as a sign of weakness of eyes, people are considered weak in everything. Somehow this is a universal opinion about the people wearing glasses. People with high power of glasses do face issues and they can’t do swimming, tedious trekking, rappelling, scuba diving and for that matter even sky diving. In case they try to wear contact lenses instead, they may still have a high chance of eye injury and eye infection which cannot be avoided and at times, is a reason for recurring infections.

Nothing different was in case of Prishu, her love for sports was just a dream and reality was way away from shaping her dream. She has been wearing glasses from last 10 years now. She just wanted to get freedom from the glasses and live her life to the fullest.

One day her friend who knew her desire suggested her checkup at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute and gets to know about Lasik as that was the only way she knew that her friend can get rid of those bulky glasses. She had heard good lasik reviews about the Advanced eye hospital.

New Hospital Pic2 (1)

On her visit to our eye hospital, she was glad to see how patients were treated and ambience really mesmerized her. We have actually designed our hospital in such a way that even patients forget about their waiting time and get blended in the internal artefacts and wallpapers and our newly added spectacle museum itself.

OPD Waiting Area 1 OPD WAiting Area 2 OT Waiting Area Recovery Area

On her turn, she was convinced by Dr. Vandana Jain, renowned Lasik surgeon that her problem is although nothing new but was still important as restoring someone’s vision to get rid of glasses is always life touching.


She was explained various facts about Lasik surgery procedure by Dr. Vandana Jain including that her surgery won’t last longer than 20 minutes; she won’t even feel that she is undergoing surgery and will be out of hospital within 60 minutes.

The day of lasik surgery arrived, just like any other surgery people are obvious to get nervous. But in Prishu’s case it was quite different, she was instead excited, she wanted to undergo Lasik surgery as soon as possible and even a single minute wait was a big deal, after all she was about to get rid of glasses after 10 years.


Instead of just for self-assurance, she also wanted to show her friends that now she can finally see without spectacles and would be also no longer a chashmish. This is all due to our trained counselors and years of expertise. To be an expert counselor, you need to be a friend, a parent, a guardian and also stick to own words and make no false promises at all. During the operation, she did not feel as much of a pain as a pin prick. Entire time she was expecting at least some pain but the operation ended without any pain. Moreover, she was able to leave hospital within 30 minutes. She was very excited and also got appraisals among friends for her new looks. In Advanced Eye Hospital patients, we care deeply for our patients. We call all our patients for follow up visit post their Lasik operation the next day and after one week. On her follow up visit after one week of Lasik treatment, she was able to see everything very clearly without spectacles and was very excited to get her re-fabricated image among her friends. According to her Advanced Eye Hospital is the best eye hospital and wished great cheers to Dr. Vandana Jain for being really nice to her. Today her eyes are free from everything. No glasses, no contact lenses and is enjoying her new image. And we at Advanced Eye hospital and Institute are very glad to provide every person a new life EVERYTIME and be a part of their happy story


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