“Smile: The Best Lasik Surgery” – Shreyas Mate’s Lasik Story

smile lasik surgery in mu

Mr. Shreyas Mate is a 24 years old, engineering student who resides in New Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Shreyas was diagnosed as having Compound Myopic Astigmatism (Near Sightedness and Cylindrical Powers). His spectacle powers were -4.5 spherical and -1.5 cylindrical in his left eye and -3.75 spherical and -2.0 cylindrical in his right eye. Shreyas heard about Smile Lasik and visited AEHI on 3rd September 2014. His extensive Pre- Lasik Work up was done, as below:smile lasik experience

As part of his Pre lasik Work Up, his Corneal Topography was done. Corneal Topography is a test for mapping the surface of the outer layer of one’s eye – the cornea. Smoothness of one’s cornea is very important for the quality of one’s vision.

Below are Shreyas’ Corneal Topography reports before he underwent Smile Lasik surgery:

smile lasik review
smile lasik review

Shreyas had been using glasses for approximately 12 years. While studying, he used to feel very tensed and experienced a sense of pressure around his eyes, especially when while holding his books close to his eyes. This discomfort with glasses would also be felt when he studied for long hours.

Shreyas heard about Lasik surgery. Possessing a knack for trying out new things, he wished to taste freedom from spectacles. Hence he decided to go in for Lasik eye surgery.

Shreyas underwent Smile Lasik at the Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) on 17th September 2014. A Corneal Topography done on the next day after his Smile Lasik shows improved corneal curvature values.

 patient review: smile lasik

Initially, Shreyas had doubts if the surgery would be too painful. He was tensed that the surgery would be a difficult experience for him. On the contrary, he found that Dr Vandana Jain and her team of doctors made the surgery a very comfortable affair. He had a very painless experience. The Sisters too gave him a detailed explanation of everything.

Now, after his SMILE Lasik Surgery, he was looking forward to trying new experiences like trekking, swimming and Squash without the burden of glasses. Spectacles had earlier deterred his love for Squash.

Shreyas recommends people to go for Smile, which he considers as one of the best lasik eye surgery.

Shreyas visited Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute for a follow up one week and one month after his Smile Lasik Surgery and continues to experience clear vision.

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