Time to say Goodbye to glasses with Relex Smile Lasik treatment: Pediatrician from Khopoli finds freedom at AEHI

Dr Jayant Kejriwal was wearing glasses from his college days. The glasses can make a doctor look studious in college days which is good for securing good marks and grades in medical courses. Jayant then did Pediatrics specialization and finally started practicing in Khopoli, Raigad. He and his wife Sangita, a Gynecologist herself generated a good name and practice in Khopoli eventually running two Hospitals in the area. The spectacles surely made both of them look very serious and ‘doctorly’.

But now at 44 years of age, Jayant was fed up of wearing spectacles. He and his wife like to travel but they had to always carry spectacles with them. Getting up from the bed and then looking for spectacles, going for swimming was also an issue.  He has always wondered about getting lasik done but was worried about side effects and complications of lasik surgery. He had heard about number coming back, dry eyes, long recovery period but most importantly the requirement of a large 20mm cut for lasik surgery on cornea.


Dr Jayant Kejriwal’s Spectacle Powers, as on 24th March 2014

When he heard about Relex Smile Lasik procedure being available in India, he visited us at Centre for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI), Navi Mumbai. He underwent a thorough prelasik checkup including detailed refraction, fundus examination by a retina surgeon, corneal topography, pachymetry, tests for dry eye and muscle balance. Finally, all the reports were evaluated by Dr Vandana Jain, Cornea and Lasik Surgeon at AEHI. He had mild dry eye for which precautions were advised and medicines prescribed. In his own words “I am very fond of scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and spectacles were always a hindrance in these water sports. Even day to day, I was fed up of using them”


Dr Jayant Kejriwal’s Pre-Lasik Work-Up Test Results

9115 kej

Dr Jayant Kejriwal’s Corneal Topography Report dated 11th November 2014, a week before he underwent Lasik Surgery.

The Corneal Topography found that Dr Kejriwal’s corneal curvature and surface were within the normal range, making him fit to undergo Lasik Surgery.

Jayant was fit for all types of lasik treatments such as PRK (Epi lasik), Custom lasik, Femto lasik and Smile lasik. Being a doctor himself, he was firmly in favor of getting the least invasive (smallest cut) and safest procedure done for himself. Even though the cost of relex smile lasik is higher than other surgeries, the short term and long term benefits far outweigh the small extra cost. All his focus was safety and fast recovery both of which are indeed the best with new generation Relex Smile lasik at Center for Lasik Surgery at AEHI.  Especially for people needing dry eye treatment, Bladeless Relex Smile lasik causes minimal dry eye post lasik surgery as compared to all other types of lasik. It is because the small 2-3 mm cut causes minimum damage to the corneal nerves which regulate tear secretion.

Jayant underwent Relex Smile lasik on 18th November 2014 and went home the same day. He slept the rest of the day but was bit restless as he is not used to sitting idle. Being a workaholic doctor, he usually finds it difficult to lie still even for a day. Next day he was feeling fine and was able to see everything very clearly. There was a mild haze due to Relex Smile Lasik which takes 1-2 days to clear. At two weeks follow-up, Jayant has a clear vision and is working normally in his hospital giving tender care and love to little patients. He cannot even imagine going back to life with spectacles once he has tasted freedom from them.

9115 kejriwal

Dr Jayant Kejriwal is a practicing pediatrician in Khopoli. He and his wife Dr Sangita Kejriwal run two Mother and Child health hospitals in Khopoli.

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