AEHI: An abode for Happy Eyes

Isheta BhattIsheta Bhatt is a 12 years old resident of Kharghar. She is presently studying in the 7th Standard. Isheta visited Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai for a routine eye check on 12th July 2014. Dr Prachi Agashe, the Pediatric Ophthalmologist checked Isheta’s eyes and found her to have normal vision.

Isheta loves reading novels and is a budding poet. It just took her about ten minutes to compose this poem!

Patient Experience at AEHI

Shivering, Quivering,

I entered inside,

My! Only God Knew,

The level of my fright!

But as soon as I entered in,

In astonishment, I dropped my chin.

A kind receptionist smiled at me,

And Green, Red, Blue, Yellow,

A colourful tree!

Happy Ophthalmologists stood around,

And right then, my heart stopped to pound!

Then we entered the waiting room,

On the wall, butterflies seemed to bloom!

So, my friends, this was my experience at AEHI.

Which is an abode for happy eyes!

Isheta Bhatt

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