The Day after Lasik Surgery

Dr Soumya Jain is a Dentist from Vancouver, Canada. She recently underwent Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, which boasts of one of the best lasik centers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Dr Soumya Jain shares the experience of her Lasik journey, a day after undergoing the Lasik procedure.

My name is Soumya Jain. I’m 23 years old. I’m working as a dentist. I’m from Canada, Vancouver. I’ve been using my glasses for almost 10 to 12 years now and I’ve been using contacts for about 8 to 9 years.

A couple of years ago, I used to be… and still I am interested in swimming and stuff. A lot of it used to not be possible, because I used to wear contacts. Also because I’m a dentist by profession, wearing contacts and wearing glasses doesn’t work out to be hygienic for me, because of the saliva and everything that comes on my face. It used to be very inconvenient to do work, especially precision work.

I wanted to undergo Lasik surgery mainly because I was tired of wearing contact lenses and glasses. It just seems a lot easier to get Lasik done and once and for all to not have to deal with it anymore.

The Lasik Work up was pretty straight forward and I didn’t mind it at all. It was interesting to see whatever they were checking and all. Ten minutes before the surgery, I was very anxious. I was quite nervous, mainly because I didn’t know exactly how much pain I would be in. But, it was alright. It wasn’t that bad.

I felt that Dr Vandana Jain answered all my questions and she was very informative about the procedure that I was going to go through. She let me know about everything and she was very helpful to make me feel comfortable in the whole procedure.

I know people who had undergone Lasik. They all told me that it would take about half an hour. So I thought that the Lasik surgery would be really long. But the surgery in my head felt like it took only 5 minutes. It was really really quick!

Yesterday, I had my eyes closed the whole time. Today morning when I woke up, I just opened my eyes and I was so happy, because it was like… I don’t have to wear glasses, I don’t have to wear contacts. I just imagine everything to be a lot easier now to deal with. Atleast I don’t have to think about taking off contact lenses every night. I just don’t have to deal with anything to do with the eyes any more.

The message I would give you is that don’t over think it. Don’t think about what’s going to happen. Don’t read about it too much also, because I read about it a little bit and that’s why I got a little bit nervous. But I think the procedure is very simple and very straightforward. You don’t have to be worried. Just go for it. It’s really quick!

Oh, I loved the hospital! I loved coming here and I thought everything was so clean and professional. Coming from a medical background, I could tell everything was being run very professionally and sterile. It was so well kept and I felt like everything went by very quickly. I was very satisfied with the way everything went. I don’t have any dislikes, honestly. I was very very happy here. I want to say thank you to AEHI. It was really a pleasant experience and I’m going to suggest coming back here to almost everyone. I have told all my relatives to come here if they want to get it (lasik eye surgery) done. It’s been a good experience. Thank You!

Dr Soumya Jain visited Advanced Eye Hospital on 23rd September 2014 as she wanted to undergo Laser vision correction. She had spectacle numbers of -0.75 and -1.0 in her right and left eye. In addition to this, she also had astigmatism or cylinder powers of -1 and -1.5. This eye condition is called Compound Myopic Astigmatism, a combination of near sightedness as well as cylinder power.

After undergoing a detailed Lasik work up, she was declared to be fit for Laser vision correction. She underwent Lasik surgery on 1st October 2014 by Dr Vandana Jain, one of the best Lasik surgeons in Navi Mumbai as well as Mumbai.

Post Lasik Status: On 6th October 2014, a week after undergoing Lasik eye surgery, Dr Soumya Jain’s vision was tested and found to be 6/6 (normal distance vision) as well as N6 (normal near vision) in both her eyes.



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