Lasik Surgery made me a Confident Lady

Dr Reena Sumit Shinde

Professor, Nerul

Dr Reena Shinde

Since I was in the 9th Std in my school, I had very high number & very thick glasses. So I was not comfortable & confident in my life. When I came to my college life, I started wearing contact lenses. I used to have a lot of problem while driving my bike. Eyes are a very important part of one’s face and glasses have a profound effect on one’s personality. I have been wearing contact lenses for 9 years.  But contact lenses cannot be worn all the time. I wanted to escape wearing contact lenses. It also caused difficulty while swimming. I had very high spectacle numbers. It made my vision very poor (without glasses). I had to take my husband’s help even to see the time on the wall clock.

I stay in Nerul and one day I came across Advanced Eye Hospital in Sanpada. I suffered from redness in my eyes because of an infection due to use of contact lenses. I just walked in the hospital & got my eyes tested.  When I met Dr. Vandana Jain for the first time, she actually scolded me and told me that if I continue wearing my contact lenses, then I may lose my vision! She told me how my retina had become very weak because of long use of contact lenses.

Finally, after my 3rd meeting with Dr. Vandana Jain, she advised me for Femto lasik, the most advanced Lasik surgery. So I finally got it done. When I came for the surgery with my relatives, I felt quite safe. But the minute I went on to the machine, I felt great fear. But Dr Vandana Jain gave me confidence. She said, you trust me, and I did. I entered the lasik operation theatre, was on the machine and in ten minutes, I came out! She said, it’s done. I had been waiting since so long and in just ten minutes, it was done!

It has been almost one year now. My vision is 6/6. A spectacle free life is amazing. I am relaxed and confident. It’s a wonderful life! I don’t require any help to identify things & to see the time. Dr. Vandana Jain is really wonderful lady who made me a confident lady by doing my lasik surgery. She really gave me a new life!

Thanks a lot Dr. Vandana.

Dr Reena Shinde (PhD) resides at Nerul. She is a Professor of Chemistry at Father Agnel Engineering College. She had spectacle numbers of (-7.25) in both her eyes. She came to Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai and consulted Dr Vandana Jain, one of the best Lasik Surgeon in Mumbai. She was suffering from redness in her eyes since 15 days. Dr Vandana Jain examined her and diagnosed the redness to be due to eye allergies. She later underwent the Lasik workup (pre lasik eye test) and was found to be fit to undergo Femto Lasik. In January 2014, Dr Reena Shinde underwent Femto Lasik at AEHI.


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