Blurry Train Indicators & Painful Camera Flashes

Mr Dinesh Chaudhari,

Patient Story Eye Hospital

“Since one year I had a low vision. I was not able to do my daily job.
Initially, when I realized about my eye problem, I got so scared.

I was unable to do my catalogue work. I was not able to see my family members as well as guests at night. When I would travel by train, I could not see the train indicators on the railway platform.
Whenever anybody would click photographs, the flash of the camera would hurt my eyes.

Initially, I did not know that I am suffering from a cornea problem. I thought maybe I am suffering from cataract. I went to an Eye Specialist. I was worried about how I will get operated. I wondered whether I will ever be able to see properly or not.

Then I searched on the internet for an eye doctor for cornea transplant. I came across Dr. Vandana Jain. When I visited AEHI, I was treated on a fast track. I found that the doctors here are very experienced.
Thank you AEHI for really having advanced machinery. Dr Vandana Jain is one of the top eye doctors for Cornea Transplant Eye Surgery!”

Mr Dinesh Chaudhari, who resides in Kurla, is a Territory Manager of a reputed Sanitary Ware Manufacturing company. Mr Dinesh was suffering from a painful discomfort in both his eyes. His vision was also becoming blurry. He visited an Eye Hospital in Mumbai where he was advised to undergo Cornea Transplant eye surgery. So, Mr Dinesh then sought advice from Dr. Vandana Jain, Cornea Surgeon at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. Dr Vandana Jain performed the Cornea Transplant eye surgery on 14 January 2014. Now, Mr. Dinesh enjoys a remarkable improvement in his vision.


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