God created this wonderful world

God created this wonderful world for us to see

And he gave us our eyes, only an inch in size,

Which we open every morning as we rise

And see the earth, the trees, the mountain and the sea.

Through our long life we cruise,

Our experiences, the delights and sorrows

And then our eyes starts to falter, like other organs

We need experts and correction

All members of family are under ‘Aehi’ care

Their expert advice is always there

My own cataract is history

I am sure there are thousands who share my story

Dr.Vandana Jain, we may always access

With my whole heart I wish ‘Aehi’ all the success.

Dr.Kalikinkar Banerjee

(A patient of ‘Aehi’)


Dr Kalikinkar Banerjee is a resident of Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai. Dr Banerjee consulted Dr Vandana Jain, Cataract and Cornea Surgeon at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. Dr Banerjee underwent the IOL Master eye test to measure the various aspects of the eye like the thickness of the natural lens, depth of the front part of the eye and other measurements. This helped calculate the exact power of the artificial lens that Dr Banerjee was fitted with. Thus armed with precise preparation prior to surgery, Dr Banerjee underwent Cataract Surgery for his left eye in September 2013. This was followed by Cataract Surgery for his other eye in January 2014. As of date, Dr Banerjee continues to enjoy great vision.

Thank you Dr Banerjee for these warm words that you have expressed so creatively!


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