Going Spectacle Free. Safely.

Ankur Jain

A spectacle free life is always comfortable. My sister underwent Lasik and got rid of her glasses way back in 2008. Her previous experience made me to approach the Dr Vandana Jain, Lasik Surgeon in Navi Mumbai. I was concerned if the failure of the LASIK eye surgery, may lead to any permanent loss, including but not limited to loss of my eyesight.

I had approached Dr. Vandana for getting laser eye surgery done on my both eyes.

During the pre-checkups, following were detected:

– A retinal hole in my right eye

– My corneal thickness wasn’t sufficient to get normal LASIK done

The treatment and the hospitality before, during and after the treatment were very good. Appreciate the professional behavior of the staff and the doctors

The hospitality and the concern given by the hospital members – considering that it’s a hospital is very good. Over the period of time, I have seen a rise in the number of patients visiting the hospital and the charm and the professionalism of the staff and doctors should continue in the long run.

I can now indulge more in sporting activities, bike riding etc; and do not need to carry an external element on my nose.

Mr Ankur Jain,



Mr Ankur Jain, a software engineer residing in Mumbai desired to undergo Lasik eye surgery to get rid of his glasses. When Dr Vandana Jain, Lasik surgeon at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai performed the Pre-Lasik eye tests and examined Ankur’s eyes to determine if his eyes were fit for Laser vision correction surgery, it was found that Ankur could not immediately undergo Lasik since his retina had developed tiny holes. Ankur underwent treatment for retinal holes and six months later, he was found fit to undergo Lasik eye surgery. Considering the lower thickness of his cornea, Ankur was advised to go in for Femtolasik surgery. Accordingly, Ankur underwent Femtolasik in March 2013 and is enjoying a spectacle free life today!


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