Darkness in the Sun

I am 42 and I had specs for my long sight. When I went out at afternoon in the hot sun, I used to experience darkness in my sight. I could not see properly. Everything appeared black to me. At first I thought I had an allergy of the hot sun. But when I consulted a doctor, I came to know that I had an eye problem.

I am a housewife and I do all the household work on my own. But due to my disease, I was unable to do my day to day work. My eyesight had became very bad. I was unable to do many activities like going out in sun in the afternoon, inserting a thread in the needle, and also sometimes watching TV affected my eyes.

When I first understood about my disease, I was little bit scared. I thought, “How could I have Motibindu (Cataract) at such early age!”  I had false hearsay from others, that the surgery is very risky. I thought that the surgery would affect my eyes. I was scared about my surgery because, after all – it was about my eyes!

One of our family friend’s father had the same problem and he had his cataract surgery done from AEHI (Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute). He had a great experience of this hospital. He told me that Dr. Vandana Jain was very good and there is no need to worry. So I decided to have a check up from AEHI.

During my treatment I felt great. During my surgery the doctors at AEHI were very good to me. I felt very secure and I was tension free all the time. During my recovery, when I came to the hospital for my checking, I had very good treatment from the staff of AEHI.

My experience of the hospital and doctor was very good. Dr.Vandana Jain was so polite and also friendly to me. Other hospital staff was also so polite and kind to me. They helped me a lot. My experience at AEHI was great and I heartily thank everyone. Now I could see properly and I don’t need specs and I can freely go out in the hot sun. I really want to suggest about AEHI to everyone.

Mrs Rajashree Patil, 47 years



Mrs Rajashree Patil consulted Dr Vandana Jain, Cataract Surgeon and Cornea Specialist at Advanced Eye Hospital on 11th Feb 2014. After her Cataract Surgery, she has gone back to her household activities thanks to her new-found clear vision.


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