Don’t ignore if your eyes twitch involuntarily

Sometimes, our neurons of central nervous system malfunction, which leads to contractions of involuntary eye muscle leading to blepharospasm. The causes of this eye disorder are however still under research. Nevertheless, if ones feels uncontrolled blinking of eyes which is affecting our eyes and quality of life, it is always recommended to visit an eye doctor.

Nerul Boy Receives Best Treatment For His Low Vision

Individuals with Low Vision are not to be considered as blind people. This awareness of poor vision and understanding how it can be enhanced is very vital. Check out this commending story of Sharma family who consulted an eye doctor along with a low vision rehabilitation specialist to improve their son’s impaired vision and quality of life.

Juinagar man receives best treatment for eye injury from iron particle

Eye trauma can happen due to flying metal particles; hence, welders are more prone to eye injuries. The impact of such trauma can pass through cornea to affect iris, lens and vitreous body. Check out a welder’s story wherein an iron particle lead to corneo-scleral tear and a traumatic cataract. He was provided with best globe repair and subsequent cataract surgery at AEHI.

Mansarovar man receives best Pterygium surgery

People who spend a majority of time doing outdoor activities in sunny (dry places) environment along with prolonged exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) are more prone to develop an eye condition – Pterygium. Check out this story of a man from Mansarovar who availed treatment for Pterygium from the best eye hospital.