Child with 6th nerve palsy after head injury avails treatment

A school going kid gets hit by a branch of a tree and eventually she finds her left eye has crossed. Moreover, she experiences double vision, which makes her nervous. Check out this story of a Navi Mumbai girl who developed 6th nerve palsy due to a minor head injury and availed best treatment from Dr. Prachi a Paediatric squint eye doctor at AEHI.

Ghansoli man relieved from blurry vision after cataract surgery from AEHI

Often people with cataract think that delaying cataract surgery will not harm them. However, cataract once starts affecting your vision should be operated. If not attended at the right time it can become mature and may swell up. When lens swells, it increases the eye pressure thereby increasing the risk of developing Glaucoma. Check out this story of a Ghansoli localite who delayed but availed best cataract surgery from AEHI.

Can Eye Injury Cause Glaucoma?

An eye injury, small or severe, can lead to eye diseases like glaucoma. And, for those patients with specific challenges such as scleral thinning, the best treatment for glaucoma with new drainage devices like Ologen implant shows positive results. Read one such story of a young man from Nerul who loves playing cricket.

Nerul teenager receives best eyelid surgery from AEHI

A Nerul teenager had mild droopy eyelid which weakened her confidence and affected the choice of hobbies. Her mother decided to have second opinion for droopy eyelid surgery and so she consulted with Dr. Akshay of Advanced Eye Hospital, Navi Mumbai. Post-ptosis surgery, daughter-mother duo were delighted to see the results.